Hubs Love

It’s been a rough, confusing couple of days, but I’m glad to say that I have a man who loves me so completely that he is willing to move halfway across the country to be with me. His dedication to this relationship is what I hold dearest right now.



Fuck. It’s been a long year.

This has been a crazy year. First year of grad school: done.

Second year starts today which includes a practicum. Work has been ├╝ber gracious and is allowing me to move to part time. It’s only knocking one day a week off of my schedule, but that’s really all that they can afford to do with all of the people leaving. I think I might have been able to do full time if my prac wasn’t 3 days a week when everyone else’s is only 2 days a week. This means that I will not have a day off for the next year. If I don’t have to work, I have prac. If I don’t have prac, I’ll have work. There are vacation days that I can take off, and holidays are excluded from my self-pitying rambling. I have it good. I just can’t see it yet because of the confusion with my classes.

I accidentally chose a morning class this semester. If I don’t get it changed to an evening class today, I have to figure something else out with work. Any more changes to my schedule and i won’t know my ass from my elbow. This is how I feel at the start of every semester tho. Confusion and doubt. Some people come back to classes and make it look so easy. I wonder if they feel the same way I do, just hide it better. Now, I chalk up my feelings to flying back and forth between semesters. Maybe spending the breaks between semesters here will help to ground me in the program a little better.

Last week, we finally got an offer on the house which we promptly accepted. We really didn’t want to wait for another offer, and the buyers seem motivated. It’s the best thing to have Hubs out here with me now. He’s going to be needed in the coming months. The move, tho. Oh God. We have to move everything. Moving a bedroom of stuff (to college) seems like a piece of cake compared to renting a UHaul to move EVERY ROOM IN THE HOUSE. One day at a time, right?

On the bright side: I am very excited to show Hubs everything that this area has to offer. I’m sure he’ll like it here once he sees how much there is to do.