New Name, New Attitude

Just like StaticMonkey and CrazyBubbleBabe before it, I have high hopes for this blog revamp. Without sounding too new-agey, we as people are always growing, always changing. I have some exciting changes that may be coming to my life soon; some closer than others. After a hiatus of over 6 months, I think it’s more than time to get back into it.
I did spend the majority of my time away from the blogosphere working on my applications for grad school. That is a HUGE weight off my chest which now been replaced with crippling fear of the unknown. I’m trying not to think about it too much. Hopefully, the first round results will be in mid- to late- February. Once I know whether or not they like me enough to meet me in person, I think I will be able to relax a little. The paper interviews just seem so much more daunting than the in-person interviews. I’d like to think I’m pretty smooth in person. More on that to come, I’m sure.