The (Hopefully) Distant Future

What is the verb for FaceTime? I FaceTimed? Sounds good. Calvin was right:


I chatted on FaceTime with my parents the other day. Dad has been aging as I would expect. He’s still a handsome man, but obviously in his 50’s. I was struck by how, and this is going to sound awful, *old* my mother looked. I’ve been fighting with these feelings for the last few days.

I haven’t been very close with my mom over the last few years. It’s sad. I know plenty of people who have very close relationships with many people at the same time. Some days I feel like I just can’t handle that much interaction. Facebook must have been made for people like me; able to see everything, but not be overly involved in everything at the exact same time.

I feel like my relationship with my parents has been tentative since I went away to college. To this day I don’t feel that I was fully, mentally prepared for it. It was exciting, don’t get me wrong. I just feel that I had to grow up too fast in a very short amount of time. (Is this what a quarter life crisis feels like?) Hell, the summer before college was probably the nail in that coffin.

Moving on. I want a closer relationship with them. I don’t want to wait until after grad school. God forbid something happen to them before I’m finished. I have a real problem with being proactive lately. I need to work on making my scheduling skills better. If I can plan for it, maybe it won’t feel so scary. Not that I think my parents are scary. Getting down to it, I worry that they don’t approve of what I’m doing here.




Woo! I have a place to live with my husband! I got the call today that we were approved to get the apartment we applied for. I didn’t have too much of a doubt since I know there is nothing in either of our records that would prevent something like that. But, as I’ve been telling Ben for the last week, I don’t want to count my chickens, as it were.

Now, we have to be extra cautious about our living situation. The complex only allows two pets. We have three. We have lied about the cat. I’m fine with it. We discussed giving her to a family member. My parents can’t take her with the feral cat they took in about a year ago. My brother cannot take her, even tho I think he would. Typical post-college kid; he would love her and care for her, but I also think his friends would feed her beer and tuna from a can. Beer from a bottle would be a much classier option. That leaves Ben’s family. MIL and DIL have a dog, and the cat does not care for her. Aunt and Uncle could take her because they already have a cat that gets along well with other cats. It just seems like a lot to ask. I’m going to try to keep her. It’s decided. She’ll just have to deal with the fact that she will be an indoor cat from now on. Sorry, babe.

Moving into an apartment? That will be a whole other story that I can’t wait to see play out. (Slight sarcasm.) Stay tuned. Going from a house to an apartment poses some unique challenges, like where the hell do we keep all of our stuff now?! Ben thinks we need to get a storage locker. I halfheartedly agree with him, I just don’t want to pay the extra money. The apt we are getting is at the top of our budget as it is right now. Let’s see how it all plays out!