Back To It

I am so bad at this.  I plan on blogging again.  Now that I am unemployed, I have ample time.  However, I seem to spend that time playing Candy Crush than doing anything productive like cleaning or organizing the mess I left in the office.  

Yesterday I painted my nails. I know. Thrilling. Over the past few days I have stained and varnished a couch table. That’s a little more productive. I have made some fairly impressive meals, some of which my husband ate, some of which were only appreciated by my palate.  

In addition to doing daily yoga and going to gym more frequently (okay, at all), I want to blog more about the things I do with my puppies and some of the things I cook.  Hubs got me a Canon Eos T5i DSLR for Christmas so you can probably expect some food porn pics up and about as well.