“The Bread”

When you tell your husband what you have planned for dinner that night, and he says, “And The Bread, right?” you better” know what The Bread” is. In our house, “The Bread” is a loaf of French cut into half inch rounds covered in marscapone cheese and my Oma’s plum jam. That is then baked in the oven for about 5 minutes at 250 degrees.

Sadly, we used up the last bit of jam the last time we ate this wonderful little dessert/side dish and now are at a loss of how to consume the rest of the cheese. Tonight we are going to try it with whatever jams and jelly we have in the house.

I suggested that we buy Oma some plums so that she can make more jam. Hubs suggested that I help her and steal her recipe. That’s probably a better idea.


Roasted Duck Breast

Today’s adventure in cooking was a roasted duck breast. Back in October, Hubs and I went to the Philly Food Fest (which was amazing and filling and eye opening) where I had duck breast for the first time. The sample was so gosh-darn good that we bought the last duck breast they had on the spot. It kept very well in the freezer this whole time.

I didn’t want to do to much to the duck breast, so I followed the instructions of a UK specialty poultry outfit, Gressingham Duck. Best decision I could have made. Image

Starting with a duck breast, I salted and seared the fatty side in a pan until it was lightly browned. Gressingham didn’t specify whether or not I should sear the other side, so I salted and seared it just to be on the safe side. WORTH. IT. After that I was able to put it in the oven on a raised rack for the remaining fat to drain off.

I am nothing if not resourceful. Because I used my other baking pans for the brussel sprouts and dessert, you’ll notice I had to rig a cooling rack to a cake pan. Worked like a charm. Image

Ten minutes in the oven at 400 degrees, and then five or more minutes to rest after cooking created the most moist, tender looking duck breast I have ever seen.  I was a little worried by the amount of blood that oozed out when I cut it, but after tasting it, I couldn’t care less.  The duck breast was cooked all the way through and had a beautiful dark pink hue.

Hubs was impressed. That is a major benchmark for whether or not any given food product will get a second chance in this household. This recipe was easy and quick enough that I would be able to make this on short notice provided that the duck was thawed.

Duck breast has a naturally soft texture, like a rare steak. It melts in your mouth and the seared fatty bits added the most delectable crispy crunch. To finish the meal, I created a mac and cheese of my own creation, and citrus-honey brussel sprouts based on a recipe from Two Peas and Their PodIMG_5682

I am very excited to try some more recipes to share with you all!