Fuzzy Brain and Dry Eyeballs

My eyeballs are dry and my brain is fuzzy. I agreed to do too much this week.

After a full weekend of work, I jumped into prac on Monday with full force and ready to take on my kids. I love them all so much. They are adorable. There is this one who was almost the last to open up to me. He reminds me of my brother every time I look at him. Well, a little black version of my brother.

Monday night was a blur of paper writing. Tuesday consisted of prac, parent literacy night, and an hour of paper writing before bed. Wednesday was 10 hrs of work, ANOTHER patent night, and then 2 hrs of paper writing before bed (while I was watching Supernatural with Hubs). Today was 4 hrs of work, a shower (becauseI hadn’t showered since Monday), 2 hrs of class, a one hour accreditation meeting for the program (not required, but advised), and IEP meeting for one of my “trouble” kids at prac (also not required, but beneficial), 3 hrs of me staring at a computer screen writing another paper, and night class for 2.5 hrs which begins in 20 mins.

Sleep is going to feel SO good tonight. After prac tomorrow, I’m going to my first clinical therapy session. I’ve never been a patient before. More on that to follow. Then I hope to make a nice dinner for Hubs, write a little more of the paper that I’m not going to finish tonight, and go to bed early so I can start all over with another full weekend of work. Joy.


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