The Best Dream

I woke up from the best dream last night. And it didn’t even involve Brad Pitt.

In said dream, I was walking thru the halls of THS and there were all sorts of kids talking to me. I was giving one girl some advice on sexual health when I looked down at my shirt and it said “FREE SEX and relationship advice!”

I woke up around this moment, but I continued to think in my head while laying in bed. Being a sexual health educator is what got me thinking about this program in the first place, so why am I not doing it? While at the Widener Sexuality conference last week, I met a man who started his career by just sitting in the park and talking to people and giving out free advice. I can do that!

My plan is to start a YouTube channel. If this is something I decide to stick with, it will be a test of my patience to just bide time and not expect results right away. I need to do a little more research to determine what is already out there so that I can tailor my plan to what is needed. In the meantime, I can also start putting together some PowerPoint presentations to have on file for clips on my channel.

I don’t know where all this ambition came from, but I like it!



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