Church Membership

Today I met with the church pastor of the Lutheran Church that I am choosing tho be a member of. I think it is a good choice for me since I have been thinking of rejoining the church. It’s a hard decision knowing that my grandparents are not churched, my husband doesn’t believe, I’m away from my parents, etc.

One of the most pressing thing that I am struggling with is the dichotomy between the church’s desire to bring all types to the faith, and the lack of acceptance of the gay community. I wanted to be very explicit in our talk today that I have gay friends, I am active in the gay community, my studies in graduate school may be concerning to others in the church. Pastor discussed their position that bringing gays inti the church is just like bringing any other sinner, like alcoholics and adulterers. What I couldn’t bring myself to ask was, what if I don’t believe that being a practicing gay is a sin?

How do I, as a heterosexual who plans to work closely in the gay community and has gay friends, come to terms with the idea that their entire sexual pleasure experience is defined as sinful, when they are just trying to be open and honest with themselves and their sexuality? It’s very exhausting to think about. In my home church, homosexuals were not allowed to be members, but they may have been allowed to practice; I don’t know, we never had an openly gay member. In this new church, they are allowed to be members, but the idea of homosexuality is still considered a sin.

Long story short, too late, I disagree with the Idea that homosexuality is a sin, and it is very tough to come to grips with a church family that doesn’t feel the way I do about something that is so close to my heart.


One thought on “Church Membership

  1. Friend! I hope this church treats you well. I’d say, join a bible study class and give them the what-for! Remember that the scripture was written by humans in a specific context in history, where slavery was acceptable and women were to be quiet and keep their hair covered in church. Is that how they’d want the church now? You go ahead and challenge them. Hugs.

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