Wherein the DMV hates me right back

So today, I think i have it all under control. When is that ever the case?

Last week I went to the DMV and was told that because I didn’t have the title to my car, I couldn’t get my Delaware tags. So I cried. When I called my insurance company, they assured me that they could send me a copy of the release of lien which could be used to get my new Delaware title. I got that a few days later.

When I went back today, I had my paper work; every scrap of paper that they have asked me to get over the last 6 weeks. The woman behind the counter takes one look at the release of lien and says, “I need your title.”

“But, I was told by my insurance company that this would be exactly what you needed.”

“I need the actual title.”

“Do you think you could call them and-”

“No. … I need the title.”

FUCK. So here I am. Square one. Again. And this time, I don’t think I’m going to go back to the DE DMV. They told me it would be about $300 to get the rear plate for my car, which is all that is required in Delaware. Now, for me to renew my WI plates, considering that they are now expired, will only be $85. I think the logical and economical choice is to give a big ‘ol middle finger to Delaware and get my plates renewed in good, cheap, doesn’t-care-about-the-emission-rates, Wisconsin.

Is this legal? I don’t know. I don’t particularly care at this point. I’m just uber pissed at the system. I have tried to do everything right in the time that they have given me.

This is an added piece of stress that I just don’t need right now.


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