Lady Parts Doctor Day!

Lady Parts Doctor Day

Today I had my yearly OBGYN exam and now that I’m in a new city, that required finding a new doctor. The only thing I want to say about the visit itself is that I miss my previous Thai CNP with the small, dainty hands.

If you know me, there are few topics about which I am shy; sex not being one of them.  I happily answered all of her questions and willing threw out some tidbits of my own: came here for grad school, excited for the program to start, live with my grandparents, away from my husband but miss him oh so much, etc.
One question I hate getting is the concerned look with the raised eyebrow, “Are you on birth control?”
Then aghast disbelief, “NO?”
Then the inevitable condescension with a hint of exasperation, “Well! Do you think you can raise a baby while going to school AND working?”

You know what, maybe. But maybe not. I’m a good multitasker. Maybe it will be the easiest thing I ever do. Maybe it will be the dumbest. I don’t know and I can’t predict it. If the universe sees fit to give me a child, I’m certainly not going to say no at this point. I want to further my education. And there are ways to do that as an adult with a family. We’re in the 21st Century, and I can do what I want without fear of repercussions due to my gender and status.

I met a professor tonight who got her Ph.D at age 52 while 3 of her 4 kids were also in college. It’s possible, people.


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