Wherein I Hate the DMV

…even more than usual.

I have been trying to get my DE driver’s license and DE plates for weeks now, ever since Dad and I drove over.  Keep in mind we arrived on 08/02. Late last week I finally broke the evil code and am considered a resident of Delaware and have a shiny new license.
Now I am trying to jump thru their hoops to make sure that my car is properly inspected (because DE has emissions laws that need to be respected) and tagged. I want tags. I am willing to pay $300 for tags. GIVE ME THE GOSHDARN TAGS ALREADY.
When I went to the DMV again today, it is common practice for me to forget SOMETHING. (I brought my marriage certificate JUST IN CASE they needed proof of name change.) But how can I forget the most important piece of documentation, i.e. the title to my car? Fucking ridiculous. I feel like such an idiot.
So there I am, crying in the DMV parking lot. You know the feeling: utter hopelessness that you just screwed up royally, at a loss as to what to do because you are all alone, first timer in a new city and just trying to do the eight thing and still getting screwed, etc.
The first thing I did was call Ben to see if he could find the title and send.it to me. He didn’t answer. So I cried more.  Then I called my insurance company, who I also got the loan from and who sent me the title when it was paid. I wish I could do one of their commercials.  They are just so helpful. They can’t sent me a title, but they are sending me a copy of the release of lien which basically says I own it and am no longer making payments. With this little scrap pf paper, I SHOULD be able to get my new title and subsequent plates.  I hope this will be the last time you have to read about my DMV complaints until I eventually move to another new state, or have a kid in high school driver’s Ed, or they finally give us those flying cars they promised in the 50’s and they pass another set of emission rules.


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