On the Hunt!


Today, I thought I was being really proactive on the hunt for a new home for me and Ben. I had limited time before all of the open houses closed for the day. Open Houses are rare because they usually only happen once a week and its a great way to get in and out to see the house without being tied down to the agent who is showing said houses.
I wanted to go check out one in a nice little neighborhood south of the city. It is within our price range and looks a little dated, but passable and workable for sure. Oma decided to come with me (wholly shocking from the woman who doesn’t want to go anywhere, ever) which I appreciated. Despite her failing memory, she knows her way around the joint by now and could help me if my GPS technology failed. By the time we got there, the open house was almost over. We were going to run in, out and drive back home as to not miss Oma’s Kaffeezeit. I leaped up the steps, gave a polite knock on the door and threw the door open. Twelve pairs of eyes stared back at me. My tail tucked. I wanted to run away so badly. I meekly asked if this was the open house. They all chuckled in unison and told me that the open house was for NEXT weekend and that we were welcome to come in for some cake anyways. My head was spinning in confusion. In hindsight, I should have at least gotten my gas’ worth in cake. I respectfully declined on behalf of the both of us, thanked them for their information, and hauled ass out of there. As if the embarrassment could get worse if I had stayed longer.
Oma and I had a good laugh about it. We discussed the obvious need for a realtor. I’ll keep looking on my own, but if someone can help me with some houses I might not ordinarily see, I think that will be very helpful in the long run.

Currently Searching for an Agent


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