What is there to do in DE?


You may be asking yourself that exact same question. Well, if the activities my family has taken me to is any indication, DE consists of Freak Shows

and flea markets. I love freaks, and I love the occasional antique. Truthfully,  I’m an IKEA girl through and through. 

What this makes me realize is that I need to forge my own identity. In the past when we came out for vacation, we would swim and shop. That’s it. It was like going to a resort in some 3rd world country where if you left the property,  your life expectancy dropped to nil. But I’m slowly starting to realize that when summer is over, there will be no more swimming, I wont have money to go shopping, the gravy train will end. I LOVE GRAVY. In short, I need to find things that I can do to fill up my time with things that I want to do. They will not include talking to my grandparents about the war, politics or sitting on my butt watching TV every night.

List of Things that Christin Wants To Do:
1) Learn to fence. I’ve always thought it was an amazing sport. There are a few clubs in the area. If the price is right and the timing is convenient, I could easily take a few nights a week to perry and thrust.
2) Get my WiFi internet up and running so I can Skype with Hubs. This will have to happen once Verizon ends their strike as we need a much higher internet speed than 1meg to make this a reality.
3) Crafts. I didn’t have room in my car for my sewing machine and fabric bins so I can’t quilt a damn thing without buying a whole new stash. Oma has a sewing machine,  but she was a garment seamstress and did pillow finishing by hand. She has no interest in quilting and enough fabric to only make some throw pillows. This leaves me with needlepoint and crocheting. I’ve crocheted in the past and think that this will be a good way to keep me busy while accomplishing something meaningful. Right now, I’m making an afghan to give to Ben. Shh!
4) Start going to church again. My parents were married in a Lutheran church down the street which we also frequented in the summers. I think I’ll check it out to see if religion is still something I want in my life. I think about it quite often, so that has to mean something.

Wish me luck!


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