I’m Here! or My Life as a Mooch

The place that will be my new home. Currently I’m living with my grandparents about 15 mins south of campus. They are very gracious and letting me live here rent free which is AMAZING because each month my paychecks go back to WI to pay for utilities and cable and groceries, etc. Oma and Opa are great about making sure that I have enough food, everything I need for school, down time, projects, etc. I don’t have to pay them for anything, but most days I want to. However, I have very little opportunity to have a savings since most everything goes to keep the homestead up in WI. I just know this is going to come back to bite me in the ass.
The drive out here was great. I had to pack all of my clothes and my work computer into my tiny car and leave enough room for my dad to be my copilot. We talked the whole time. It reminded me of the days that he would drive me to college before i had my car; good conversation, until he overshares about their marriage. This trip wasn’t as awkward, Gott sei dank. It was tough because he’s a little bit taller than me, and much less flexible. I felt bad for putting him in a cramped Kia for 22 hours. But, it was his choice to come with me. I’m super glad he did. He paid for my fuel. 🙂  I’m not saying I would have gotten lost, I’m an excellent navigator, but I’m not a terrific driver and prone to second guessing myself.
We got to stay with his mother in Ohio at the halfway point to spend the night. The next morning we made the long trek along the WHOLE state of PA which, did I mention, is ridiculously long? But beautiful, no doubt.  I could see myself living in a place like that except the towns are small-ish. With my proposed career path, it’s going to be big city or no dice. I think Ben still wants to move to the West Coast, which is great, but won’t happen for a while. I think once he actually gets out here, he’ll see what a fun, entertaining place it can be. He sounds so miserable all alone with just the pets.

I am so excited for him to be with me again.

I guess the important thing to know is that I’m here, safe and sound. It’s been almost 3 weeks, and I don’t want to tear my hair out yet.


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