Roommates Are Grand

Three weeks ago I got a text message that, if spoken out loud, I probably would have cried; it was typed with that deep an intensity. It was from my friend, Tim, who told me that he was being evicted from his apartment, didn’t know where to go and was embarrassed, but had to ask for a place to live. Now, I’m the kid who brought home every stray pet, every injured bug; how could I say no to a human in need?
So, he got a storage locker for the big stuff that wouldn’t fit in the house and brought over the essentials. We had a nice long talk about our old, less sensitive roommates and how he would have to be different to not screw this up. (Some days I hate being so cynical, but it seems to be serving me well at this stage of my life.) That week we borrowed multiple trucks to move various loads and I hurriedly cleaned a spare room. It was sad, and there were many tears shed on his part.
We thought this may have been a blessing in disguise as Tim is also applying to a major airline corporation as a flight attendant. Who wants to try to break a lease or find a subletter? I know I don’t. The deal is that he would stay with us until he either found out that he didn’t get the job where he would find his own new place, OR be would find out he got the job and stay with us until he was expected to move down south. (This particular hub is out of Atlanta.)
Things have been going smoothly so far. The biggest shock to all three of us is living with a “roommate” again. Ben and Tim have to coordinate a shower schedule as the start work at the same time. I have to be in bed at 830 for my 5am workday when Tim is used to staying up until midnight or later. Laundry, cleaning, eating schedules, all need to be coordinated. (Did I mention that Tim is gay? That makes the shower thing extra interesting.) For the most part it is going well aside from the little annoyances. I’m sure we’re no picnic either. We are particular people; we like to do things our way.
I found out late last week that he didn’t get the job as flight attendant. How soon is too soon to ask him to find a new apartment? We aren’t on the rocks as friends yet, in fact I hardly ever see him; slightly more than when he had his apartment. But that was the deal. A few days ago he tells me that he has already applied for another flight attendant job at another airline. Who knows how long that process will take? Then he made a joke last night about moving out the same time that we (prospectively) would move out for grad school. I don’t think I want him here for 6 whole months! Maybe I’m too much of a pushover like my childhood self when it comes to creatures in need. Tim and I should probably have ‘The Talk’ soon, but I think I will wait until after I collect first month’s rent.


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